Prayer Intentions

Please leave your prayer intentions here in the comments section. Continue to ask Mother Agnes of Jesus to intercede for your intentions.

22 thoughts on “Prayer Intentions

    • I pray with you that Mother Agnes of Jesus becomes a saint of the Roman Catholic Church and finally be officially recognized for all of the saintly work that she and her sisters have done.

    • I pray with you that Mother Agnes of Jesus is proclaimed a saint and finally be oficially recognized by the Catholic Church for all of the saintly work she and her sisters have done throughout their lives. God bless you for this website!

    • I would like to humbly ask Mother Agnes of Jesus to intercede on our behalf. We ask our Lord to allow the child I’m carrying to be born healthy and alive, despite current test/scan results that may indicate a problem with his/her development and health. Amen.

  1. I pray that Mother Agnes will help my husband obtain his job he is applying for. Also for the safety of the birth of our first child.

  2. Loretta M. Brunelle
    I pray that Mother Agnes of Jesus will obtain the conversion my daughter in law who has lung disease and has broken away from her Catholic faith. Also for her family . I am thankful for this website so that others will join in prayer and that the Catholic Church will recognize Mother Agnes of Jesus for all her saintly works during her life and the teaching she did for her sisters..

  3. Praise be Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Not my will but God’s will be done. Mother Agnes of Jesus did much good on earth, may she soon be recognized by those still here on earth, as one of God’s precious saints.

  4. I am Von Monsanto Nery,a paraplegic patient,was a victim of medical malpractice for more than 10 years w/c landed me into a wheelchair right now.I humbly ask your motherly intervention in helping me restoring back my normal condition so that i could start all over again.Be w/ me always with this battle that i had been through right now.

  5. The Lord eliminate the worries in my life, give me joy and keep expecting in You, help me get a better job hopefully I can finish the college .God I hope this year I can meet my soulmate and married with him next year.

  6. Hear our prayers, Lord, through the intercession of your servant, Mother Agnes of Jesus, O.C.D., for my studies, and for the woman I love.

  7. please help me pray for protection, healing, forgiveness of sins, deliverance from biases, prejudice, forgiveness of sins, healing, financial assistance, for the repose of souls of hilario opena llamas sr., teresita llamas

  8. P lease pray for my friend Michael that the Credit Union will grant him a loan to enable him to insure his car please God.

  9. I pray that mother Agnes of Jesus may intercede for me in my prayer for academic success and to obtain 7 distinctions in my grade 12 Final exams. It is only possible through God and through prayer and may the great Lord continue to bless you all and may you all dwell in his peace and glory forever.Amen

  10. I pray that Mother Agnes give me help as I am about to pursue a postgraduate course in a very difficult subject. I also wish that my grades be high enough to enter the Masters programme and thus gain an Ma/msc

    • Lord through Mother Agnes,i hope to be healed completely from my illness. I also wish to propagate devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus especially since I am a portrait artists that loves to sketch faces of people.I hope to be able to draw Jesus’ adorable face one day. But as i wish it to be near perfect, I am not in a hurry to do this.I want to be truly inspired and moved by the Holy Spirit when i begin this activity which will surely be my best artwork if ever. I also wish to join an organization that spreads devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus.

  11. We need to find a place to make our home, and to stabilize our finances. I need a healing from a nervous illness. Please, that I may know what the Lord wants me to do for a job. My husband needs a good job. We ask Pauline to intercede for Mom who has dementia and is in a nursing home. For an increase in faith in our family. Thank you Mother Agnes of Jesus, we know you pray for us all.

  12. M. Agnes of Jesus,
    Please intercede for us that we may have employment as God wills. Give a true listening heart and strength of mind and body and spirit to carry out our missions in life.

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