Important Dates

“Jesus is asking us to be saints. He needs completely devoted souls that are totally surrendered to His divine pleasure.”

Mother Agnes of Jesus

September 7, 1861

The second daughter in the Martin family is born. She is called Pauline.

September 8, 1861

Baptism in the Church of Saint-Pierre at Montsort.

October 1868

Pauline and her sister Marie become students at the Visitation Convent Boarding School at Le Mans, where their aunt Sr. Marie Dosithee is a member of the community.

July 2, 1874

Pauline makes her First Holy Communion in the Visitation Convent Chapel. She dreams of becoming a Visitation Sister.


When Marie finishes her studies at the boarding school, Pauline remains there alone. She corresponds regularly with her mother, Azelie Martin.

August 1, 1877

Pauline leaves the Visitation Convent boarding school.

August 28, 1877

After the death of Mrs. Martin, Therese decides: “For me, Pauline wil be my mother.”

February 16, 1882

At Saint-Jacques Church, Lisieux, in the Chapel of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Pauline is prompted to enter the Carmelite Convent.

October 2, 1882

Pauline enters the Carmelite Convent at Lisieux, taking the name of Sister Agnes of Jesus.

April 6, 1883

Pauline becomes a novice.

May 8, 1884

Pauline makes her perpetual vows, placing her hands in those of Mother Genevieve of Saint-Teresa, the Foundress of the Carmelite Convent at Lisieux, France.

February 20, 1893

She is elected Prioress for the first time. She is replaced by Mother Marie de Gonzague on March 21, 1896.

Winter of 1894

She instructs Sister Therese to write her memories of childhood.

June 1897

She suggests to Mother Marie de Gonzague that she edit the writings of Sister Therese.

October 19-20, 1898

“The Story of a Soul” is published. Pauline played a large role in the preparation of the book.


Mother Agnes of Jesus becomes prioress again.


Mother Agnes of Jesus becomes prioress again while the Canonization Process of Sister Therese is prepared.


Pope Pius XI confirms her as Prioress for life. She will play a huge part in making Sister Therese known throughout the world. There is a considerable volume of correspondence.

June 7, 1944

Lisieux is ravaged by a fire. The Superior of the Mission de France urges the Prioress to leave the convent with her community and to take refuge at the Crypt of the Basilica.

August 27, 1944

After 80 days, the Community returns to the Convent which has been spared any damage from World War II.

January 1949

Mother Agnes of Jesus contracts a serious lung infection.

July 28, 1951

Mother Agnes of Jesus dies at the age of 90.

August 1, 1951

Most Reverent Picaud, Bishop of Bayeux-Lisieux, presides a the solemn funeral Mass.

1 thought on “Important Dates

  1. Is there a book which depicts the complete life story of Mother Agnes? What a gentle, gentle soul—and yet, what a warrior soul in total love with her God! There does seem to be a certain “hiddenness” about this precious Carmelite and her father’s nickname sums it up best: PEARL!
    Through your website and newsletter, I look forward to learning more about Mother Agnes of Jesus.

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