Cause for Beatification and Canonization

“God is all gentleness, and we should realize that everything He sends us which may seem hard will in fact be sweet to us throughout eternity.”

April 14, 2009

Praise be Jesus Christ in His Angels and Saints!

Please help us in finding men and women of all ages to sign the petition for the beatification of Mother Agnes of Jesus.

Sign your name, age, and the diocese where you live, make sure you write the diocese NOT your town or city. Example: Madison, WI. Write the name of the state next to your diocese. When the request is answered have the persons write it out and signed with their name because they will have to be sent to Rome. Thanks!

God bless you through the intercession of Mother Agnes of Jesus.

Father Herbert Schmidt

Fill out the petition!

6 thoughts on “Cause for Beatification and Canonization

  1. Pauline, Mother Agnes of Jesus OCD, is such a spiritual and physical
    strength and guide in Therese’s life. If it was not for Pauline’s
    influence and guidance the world may never have been given the gift of
    Therese worldwide. Pauline was the drive, the influence, the wisdom, the
    sounding board and many other things for Therese. It was different times
    and women had virtually no influence except for the odd soul such as Joan of
    Ark, Catherine of Sienna etc. On behalf of my friend Sue Pacey, OCDS and myself we should like to see this very saintly lady canonized.

  2. A family like the Martins come once in a lifetime. Therese wished for Leonie and Marie to be saints and we all realize how saintly her parents were. The devotion of the entire family is unheard of especially in this day and age. I understand the Carmels reasoning for not wanting this not trying to make her a saint just to make the entire family saints but I believe she truly had a remarkable gift and calling. If it be the will of God it will happen. Praise God and love to our saintly Martin family.

  3. Do you distribute relic cards of Mother Agnes? May I have one?
    Thomas B Brown
    8030 Camino Court
    Miami, Florida 33143

  4. Please God that Mother Agnes of Jesus will be recognized for her holiness in spiritual Motherhood. She was a true Mother, both within the Martin family and as a Carmelite religious. We are being asked in this era to recognize and reaffirm the beauty of the Family in all walks of life. She lived a heroic Motherhood of the Spirit. We are praying, asking for her intercession for challenges within our family. Her Mother Azelie, Father Louis, and of course her little sister Therese are saints. Now also her sister Leonie, I believe, has a cause for Sainthood. Sanctity is the bedrock of the family. Let us consider how Pauline (Mother Agnes of Jesus) was the guiding star for the Martin sisters in her lay and religious life. May her example be recognized and her intercession be sought

  5. If our petite agneau is not a saint, then I don’t know what a saint is. To read her letters to Thérèse, when Thérèse was only a very little one of 10 or 11, is heartbreaking in beauty and holiness. Here a young Sister Agnes, still flowering in her own right, writes to 11 year old Thérèse, in December, 1884:

    “Little darling, from now on place all your joy in goodness, in love for Jesus! Later on, you will see from the experience of all things that on earth we cannot be truly happy except with this only joy.”

    In these letters from Sister Agnes, we see Thérèse receiving from her dear sister many of the various signs, pieces and images that are later used by Sister Thérèse to develop her little way. God gave us our dear sister St. Thérèse, in no small part, thru the loving guidance of Mother Agnes of Jesus.

    For the good of the Church, if it pleases the Good God, may Mother Agnes of Jesus be remembered on earth as what she certainly is in heaven! A saint!

    Notre belle Mère, priez pour nous!

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